Friday, January 20, 2006

One of these days

I just thought I'd post the words of a song that really resonated with me recently. I've done a search on the Internet and can't find the songwriter's name, so if anyone knows, please leave a comment on this page. I heard a beautiful rendition of it done by a group called Smalltown Poets, and spent some time on the computer arranging it for four-part harmony to sing in group settings. But I'm pretty sure from the sound of it that it's an older song going back a few generations at least.

The reason it really struck a chord with me (sorry for the pun) is that it is a very hopeful and optimistic song anticipating a day when "love and peace" come face to face. I pray for that day when Christians lay down their swords against their brothers. Patience, folks.

Here it is:

    One of these days
    When time shall slip its cog in place
    And spin its line of lovely lace
    Then love and peace come face to face
    One of these days

    When sorrow can nowhere be found
    And greed shall lay its weapons down
    And hate give up without a sound
    One of these days

    When love by tender instrument
    Through circumstance and incident
    Shall peace and love again invent
    One of these days

    To see this from within the soul
    We must be patient and consoled
    To know the joy that’s ours to hold
    One of these days

    And so with earnest inward eyes
    We man the post where duty lies
    And seek to win the precious price
    One of these days
    One of these days

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