Friday, December 16, 2005

New sheet music available for download

My lovely wife sat down at the computer the other day with a tune in her head and wrote a beautiful little song from Psalms 14 and 15. I downloaded Finale (notation software) for the Mac and spent a couple days learning it and working out the four-part harmony. Diane handled all of the timing, melody, and alto harmonization.

If anyone is interested in giving it a shot for your congregational singing, here is the sheet music, and here is a computer generated MP3 file to help get the tune and the rhythm. Have fun with it!

Here are the words:

Psalms 14 and 14

Oh Lord, who will bow before you?
The fool says there's no God
He turns to his own way
and falls into the darkness
In this world

So let me be a light
Help me shine so bright
Help me speak the truth in the darkness
One who glorifies
And will testify
With a humble heart for the Lord

Oh Lord, who can stand before you?
We know you look from heaven
To see if we seek you
And fall down on our knees
In this world


Oh Lord, we humbly bow before you
Please help us do your will
Be our guide and give us strength
So we'll never be shaken
In this world


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