Wednesday, March 09, 2005

More on speculative theology

I appreciate the sentiments expressed by Rey over at Bible Archive on God and the subjugated role of our opinions about Him. After writing a great parody piece on the need to worship God on the mountains, he followed up with a post about the Syrian assumption that the God of Israel was the God of the plains. God, of course, made it clear to the Syrian army that He was not merely the God of the plains.

As Rey pointed out:

    He would prove His might and power and that He is not limited by men’s conceptions of who He is for He is the Lord.
    I take great comfort in this knowing that although I see many things in the Scriptures about my God, the Living God, I know that other devout believers see other things as well. And though I have deep convictions of what I see the Living God to be, I know that He is so much greater than any theological box I may put around Him.

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What's great about recognizing the lesser roles of opinion and intellectualized "theology" is that I don't have to put myself in the judgment seat to figure out precisely who else God is the God of. My primary job is to make sure that He is my Lord and my God and that my family seeks after Him.

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