Thursday, January 27, 2005

Speculative theology

Here's some speculative theology produced by creeds:
    The Western form of the Nicene Creed differs from the Eastern in what it says about the Holy Spirit. The Eastern form, following that adopted at Constantinople, says that the Holy Ghost "proceedeth from the Father." The Western form of the Creed adds the words, "and the Son" — in Latin, the single word Filioque. The Western Church confesses a double procession of the Holy Spirit, a procession from the Father and the Son. The Eastern Church regards this as heresy. ...
Is this speculation any more ridiculous than whether it is lawful to clap while singing to God? Or whether it is lawful to eat a meal in a church building owned by a congregation (especially since they had no church buildings in the first century)?

Speculations and deductions about the Word, and the inevitable debating of them, produces more division than the Word itself. As believers, let's do what we can to end feuds that only give us reason to divide. Le's make each and every conversation with each and every believer productive in the task of truly edifying and building up the body. Rather than searching for points to differ over, let's search for ways be at peace with each other while everyone reconsiders those points over time.

I know I've fallen far short of this goal over the years, and I probably still fall short without realizing it. I hope to change that.

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