Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Profound subtleties

Are our sins washed away when we're added to the right body, or are we added to the right body when our sins are washed away? Do we meet together for the purpose of taking the Lord's supper, or is edifying one another by remembering and proclaiming Jesus' death the goal for our gathering? Do we go to church, or do we meet with the church? If worship starts at 10:00, when does it end? Should it ever end? What is "worship service" and is it ever described in the New Testament as a time period that includes singing, prayer, a Bible study, the Lord's supper, and a sermon?

There's some silliness in these questions to make a point, but there's some real meat as well. We know the answers to the questions when we ask them in this way, but do we really believe the answers and live them?

Unless we "know it all," Christianity is full of unexplored territory for each of us. Meditating on these questions can give us some real insight into the function of the church--the ekklesia--the Lord's body.

Ask the questions and think about the profound subtleties of your answers in light of the scriptures. You may be surprised what you find.

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