Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Another gem

Here is another gem from this interview.
    Q: What has been the end of all previous reformation and restoration attempts?

    A: Every such attempt has invariably ended by producing another sect, generally more narrow, intolerant and uncharitable than those which have preceded it. As men concentrate on what they have discovered, they build a wall around it to protect it. All sectarianism is built upon fear--a fear of losing what has been gained. It is a strange phenomenon that when one learns something and leaves where he is to embrace it, it is being faithful to the Word, but when another learns something he has not discovered, and goes on to accept it, he is departing from the faith.

I especially see the truth in the idea that sectarianism is built upon a fear of losing what has been gained. While I understand that natural human tendency, I think we need to overcome it, not cherish it. We are free agents to grow and learn the truths that God has laid down for us, and we will never grow to where God wants us to be if we are kept in the coral of someone else's conscience.